EPR Hospitality Friends ready for duty and restaurants open over the weekend

 Facilities' Maxine Lodge is one of 35 Hospitality Friends on duty this weekend. The Blue T-shirt Army will be meeting and greeting and supplying teas and coffees at front of house.

She said: " It is going to be great. We can have some fun as well as all the hard work I'm sure. Lets put a smile on our faces."

**Both our hospital restaurants will be open over this EPR weekend for colleagues to grab some R&R, a coffee, hot meal or just to have a chinwag.

The Spice of Life at HRI will be open between 7.30am until 3pm on Saturday, Sunday and Monday   

Ingleton Falls at CRH will be open between 7.30am until 4.30pm on all three days.

And CRH's and HRI's food menu are attached below