"I've never seen an organisation so well prepared for EPR go-live" says cutover manager Andi Taylor

Andi - a former A&E nurse specialising in disaster management and first responder for major incidents worldwide - has been managing electronic patient record 'go-lives' since 2008. 


Andi told us "Last weekend we started what we call data migration (where we transfer the historical information/data from our old PAS system into the new EPR system) and the success rate was the highest I've ever seen in all of the 12 projects I've worked on in EPR implementations!


"There was a 100% success rate for transferring inpatient and outpatient data, and a 99.87% success rate for A&E.


"It puts CHFT in a really good position and shows the level of detailed planning that's taken place right across the Trust, the programme team and Cerner.


"From a programme and operational level it's the most prepared I've seen any organisation and staff should not only be congratulating themselves, they should take the time to turn to their colleagues and say well done too".