So just how did Jo go? Royals, Robin Hood and one second made all the difference

Bravo Jo!

Our future King laughed out loud after being told our consultant oncologist was "shot to sh*t" after completing her first London Marathon.

By chance, our Jo Dent  ended up in the one queue where the medals were presented by the Royals last Sunday. 

She said: " I stayed in the left hand queue at the end and before I knew it William, Kate and Harry were there. Initially I thought.. " Who are you? as I couldn't think straight. Then, the next I knew, William was asking me how I felt and I asked him.. "Is  it ok if I say I'm shot to sh*t?" and he just laughed so hard. They were great. He is a really nice guy. It's such a shame there wasn't time for a photo. They were there all day from the starting line to the end and with no big entourage." 

Jo also said the response from CHFT colleagues after her story appeared last week and from families of  her patients to our Facebook* coverage was overwhelming. " I was blown away. It was very special with all the support from everybody here right across the Trust and beyond. I had families of patients I had cared for wishing me well. It was amazing and very very moving."

She finished in 4 hours, 14 mins and 59 seconds - and getting round under 4hrs 15 mins made such a big difference. "I had wanted to be under 4 hours but realised I wasn't going to achieve that a while ago. It works out about 9 mins per mile and that is going some. The first 18 miles were fine.  Then 18-23 miles were really hard -  mental torture. Then at 23 miles at the Embankment there is this massive sea of noise that hits you. It's so loud for everyone and it is like that all day long. It was an amazing experience.

"At the end I was so dazed I didn't think to stop... and someone told me you can stop running now!"

If she gets in next year she has also pledged to give her place away to a "certain colo-rectal surgeon" here at CHFT. "He knows who he is and will think I'm being  a cheeky making this pledge here."

She is also pleased to say no fancy dress chicken ran past her - though Robin Hood did - her pelvic floor held out|(!) she met the Royals and saw celebrities including TV presenter Nick Knowles from DIY SOS and the former hurdler Colin Jackson.

Our stoma nurse Paula Pickersgill - who ran it last year -was among the first to congratulate her and Jo celebrated with a run the next day back home - but this time the dogs beat her.

Still to come is a Mudder Dog challenge in June and an Ultra Run in November... than re-entering for next year's London Marathon.

So, Mr Surgeon. Are you quaking?


**On CHFT Facebook page Jo received 8,000 reaches, 200 likes and 53 comments.