Owen's donation to Overgate - the charity of Flu Champ Anne King

Anne, Owen , Christine and Lynn

Our Flu Immuniser of the Year, community staff nurse, Anne King was joined by Chief Exec Owen and Head of Occupational Health Christine Bouckley as Owen presented his own personal cheque for the great work Anne did in last year’s seasonal flu campaign.

Winner Anne chose to donate Owen’s personal prize to Overgate – who she has close links with. She won for her sterling work during last winter's immunisation campaign helping  CHFT to achieve it's flu target of 76% and keeping ourselves, our  families and our patients protected. Owen pledged to make a donation to a charity recognise the great work of our immunisers throughout the campaign.

Anne said: “Overgate looks after a lot of my patients at the end of their lives. I also run a couple of training sessions there each month as they are kind enough to provide a venue."

One of the courses she leads on is a monthly training session supporting unqualified carers (from all backgrounds across our community) to understand the needs of a patient at the end of their life.

Owen presented the cheque to Overgate fundraiser Lynn Berry who has had personal experience of using the hospice after her husband David was transferred there from HRI two years ago.

She said: “As a family we raised a significant amount of funds for the hospice on the anniversary of his death. I felt so grateful for their support – it meant I could continue to be a wife and not a carer which was so important.

“Although it was a very difficult time, having the support of Overgate was a huge relief not just for me. I also know it made David’s last few days much easier for him and we had some real quality time together as a family. David even got to see his grandchild’s first steps in Overgate”.

Did you know? As well as having 12 inpatient beds there are between 60 and 70 day patients and their families who receive support from Overgate, covering illnesses over and above cancer.