Go Jo. Dent's doing the London Marathon and praying her pelvic floor holds out!!!

Consultant oncologist Jo Dent has six labradors, her mum's dodgy knee and fab family genes to thank for getting her to the start of this year's London Marathon on Sunday.

Jo has been training for six months solid (four or five times a week)  in all weathers  and has her sights set on beating stoma nurse Paula Pickersgill who ran it last year - by a minute. But she's not revealing her current times. 

Looking ahead she has the current aims:

* beating Paula 

* not being overtaken by a fancy dress potato

* can cope with being overtaken by Gordan Ramsay

* hoping to see the Royals

* smiling as she goes over the finishing line - not grimacing

* praying her pelvic floor stays intact. 

Her training companions have been her labradors - and she's acquired an extra two from her mum who has recently undergone a knee replacement. Her family including partner Andy have been very supportive and will be in London to cheer her home.

Jo achieved one of 20,000 non-charity places through the ballot out of 300,000 applications.

She said: " Mum is my motivation. The London Marathon has been on my bucket list. I wanted to get fitter. It's frustrating now as I can't get into my skinny jeans as my thighs have got so big."

Post "The Wall" she says thoughts of her mum will be keeping her going. Legend has it that if the wall hits then the runners run on driven by thought of a special person.

She added: " Mum had the op and in 10 days she was up and about and walking in the field so I shall be dedicatng those final miles to mum."

She reckons the family has "crazy genetics" as her brother has cycled 1,000 miles across Alaska. Previously she has been a trail runner over fells so road racing is new to her. The first time she tried roads she ended up in a pub needing water and peanuts!


**For the Trust's info Paula's time was 4 hrs 32 mins and her last two miles were her fastest - so keep watching folks and go Jo!