Here's our new Trust logo - please use it.

A quick reminder that we have a new NHS CHFT logo - as do all Trusts in the country.  

It now has the Trust name beneath the NHS rather than alongside it and whenever possible it needs to be used on all new documents. If you are amending an old one then please update the logo too.

Please continue to use stocks of leaflets etc with the old logo and use the new when they run out. 

You'll find the new logo attached and you can also find it on our communications pages. There are specific branding guidelines set out by NHS Identity - and our CHFT logo sits top right of your documents.


No more clip art please

If you are producing any information/news sheets for your teams please use only the approved Trust templates, which are on the communications pages.

We are trying to bring internal publications all up to the same standards and to a Trust approved design.

If you've produced something and if you're not quite sure then you can always contact Comms for advice.  

Email us at: and one of the team will pick it up.