Healthroster shift-ing opinions - "It has a fairness button" says Ward Manager Debbie

Our new eRostering system has got the thumbs up from Debbie on ward 1d at CRH. "It must be really simple to use as I know my team would come and tell me if it wasn't!".


Healthroster is the UK's most widely used eRostering system, used by more than 60% of NHS trusts. It's being introduced across CHFT** after feedback from colleagues about the old system. Debbie told CHFT Weekly: "What's great about Healthroster is that it has a memory.


"The old system worked the rotas out as separate entities, and it didn't allow for previous shifts - which sometimes resulted in staff being given a day shift immediately after a night shift for example. Allocate knows the patterns of a previous roster and will alert me as a manager where there could be a potential clash or problem.


"Another great feature is that colleagues can see who is working when they are scheduled to be too - which means they're able to go and have conversations with their team mates to requests swap shifts. They can see who else may have requested a swap too, so they can go and talk to them if there is a real need for them to have the time off"


eRostering Lead Rose Hagreen who has been supporting the rollout said "It's giving clearer information for colleagues, and is helping managers make decisions based on sickness and holidays.


"Everyone is just getting on with it so it shows how easy to use it is. People are telling me its user friendly and generally just needs one click to use it. And this time rather than classroom training, colleagues complete short online learning, including a short 10 minute video".


Healthroster can also be viewed as an app, so it can be accessed through phones and tablets as well as on desktops. Colleagues can see their shifts and when others are working too for shift swaps or annual leave. They can even book onto the bank.


** F&SS were the first division to pilot Healthroster and departments are being brought online all the time. The full rollout will be complete by summer.