Lorna Wilson's thanks for husband's 5* CHFT heart care.

Lorna and Carl

Speech and Language Therapist Lorna Wilson's just given us a 5* rating on Facebook after her husband needed a pacemaker fitting just four months after they got married.

Lorna who has worked at CHFT since September 2015 posted: “Thank you to all staff on the coronary care unit at CRH for the excellent care my husband Carl received this week. Special mention to staff nurse Kath and Karen from the pacing team.”

The couple who have been married for nearly 5 months, said: “We were so grateful for the care we had received and I wanted to share this with a wider audience, especially as publicity around the NHS can often be negative.”

Lorna added: “We found out that Carl has a condition called vasovagal syncope just before Christmas, two months after our wedding. Carl has always tended to pass out when faced with anything medical such as injections. We didn’t realise that this was because of a specific malfunction in the parts of the nervous system that regulate his heart rate and blood pressure.

“When Carl has an episode of syncope, tests have revealed that his heart actually stops for a significant number of seconds. This is why he needed to treat his condition by having a pace maker fitted. Obviously these results came as a big shock for us.

"Carl went to CRH for his pacemaker fitting on the 22nd February. He was anxious and apprehensive as the trigger for his episodes of syncope tend to be medical procedures.

"Karen from the pacing team met us in cardiology and told us we would be taken straight up to the Coronary Care ward so Carl didn’t have to wait. Once on the ward, nurse Kath was aware of Carl’s condition and his anxiety around being in hospital.

"She instantly put us at ease and gave us time to settle onto the ward before any procedures took place. Carl received excellent care whilst on the ward, and we are very grateful to all who helped his procedure to go smoothly.”

Lorna added:  “I felt really proud to be a health care professional. I know how hard my colleagues in speech and language therapy work and can see that the same dedication for patients and their care was present in the staff on the Coronary Care ward.

"I also felt proud to work for the same trust as the doctors and nurses looking after Carl, especially when they had surpassed all his expectations.”

Cardiology Devices Services team leader Karen Morris said “Any positive feedback is always great to receive, plus its helps with team morale which is always valued and appreciated.”

For Lorna to leave us feedback is a real boost for the team, as a team of 9 we strive to deliver an excellent service whether this is an individual or team effort so it’s great for this to be recognised.”