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Issue 106 | 9th February 2017

She's a rising star...... after 41 years in the NHS! Really??

(Pictures...Our Carole then and now and more about that hat below and how slippery paint kept boyfriends at bay!!)     She’s won some titles in her 41-year career of nursing so “Rising Star”, it’s fair to say, caught our Carole Hallam, by surprise. 
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Joyce Graham

Fab photos: Nurses. Joyce Graham says never give up

Again, a big thanks to all our models in our new colleagues' photo bank.       Here are the nurses' photos from all areas taken a couple of weeks ago and thanks to you all for smiling on the spot.  Many may well appear on our newly-revamped vacancies' section of the website which will be launched soon. 
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Alizha (right) and Dr. Sarah Hoye

Mend it like Beckham! A former Man Utd girls' player is our first Physician Associate.

Alizha Waheed is a first for CHFT - our first Physician Associate.     (Her other claim to fame is she's met Bobby Charlton, Paul Scholes and Gary Neville in a previous role as Under 16s player for Man Utd. See the end!)     Physician Associate (PA) is a new healthcare profession for the NHS. 
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Emily with a Passport

EPR Passport to success! F&SS leading the 2500 colleagues booked onto training

Emily Dewey is leading the charge to be EPR ready for Family and Special Services division (F&SS) with passports a key to their success.     Around 2500 colleagues trust-wide are now booked in for training, so make sure you are and don't get left behind! (See below for how to book). 
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Plane, train or do you get to work or travel between sites?

Ok, so we're pushing it and you probably don't have a private jet to get to work!  We’re keen to know how colleagues travel to work and also across sites during their working day and would appreciate you completing our quick annual travel survey - it will literally take a couple of minutes.  read more

Radio Leeds Jenny Eells, Martin, mum Jade and sister Helen Marvell with baby Poppy

Yorkshire Fertility takes BBC by storm

Our babies, their mums, our nurses and our consultant - one big happy family at Yorkshire Fertility -  are to feature on the BBC.     Reporter Jenny Eells from Radio Leeds came yesterday to talk to our colleagues at Yorkshire Fertility HQ at CRH and our mums too.  read more

Lost engagement ring appeal

A team leader working in theatres at Harrogate District Hospital has lost her engagement ring.... and there's a glimmer of a chance it could just turn up at CHFT.  Lydia Gill was working in main theatres at Harrogate on January 28 and left her engagement ring in her scrubs pocket.  read more

One, two, tree ways to get involved in developing gardens at CRH

As well as being nice to look at and walk in, green spaces and trees support our wellbeing. To help develop three garden projects at CRH, Rooting and Fruiting are putting on three sets of activities; a tree planting day, a monthly gardening group and horticulture therapy activities.  read more

Kirkwood Hospice gets Good rating from the CQC

Kirkwood Hospice is highly praised in the latest report from the CQC     The Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspectors made an unannounced visit to the hospice in September last year and awarded it Good overall and singled some care as ‘Outstanding’.  read more

Simon, centre with George and Di from chaplaincy

Simon Habergham... meet our new counsellor in chaplaincy

Simon Habergham jas joined our chaplaincy team bringing counselling and psychotherapy expertise to the team.  Here, he sets out his thoughts on the job ahead.  " I think the first thing to say is that this is my first chaplaincy post and so I see the coming weeks a great challenge and a steep learning curve, I work one day per week on Fridays.  read more


"Just in case" is not a good enough reason for keeping hold of medical devices

With around 800 beds across our hospital, having the right medical equipment for patients can be a real challenge, especially at this time of year. So this is a plea for wards and departments to return any equipment that's not being used to the equipment pools. In particular the Agilia Volumetric Infusion Pumps (Ivacs to some people) are in huge demand.  read more

CHFT Events

February's Big Brief highlights from Tuesday

A thank you letter from  Chief Exec at NHS Improvement Jim Mackey, for our excellent work in January, positive news on our financial performance in December and good news on our CQC action plans - just some of the highlights from this week's Big Brief.     The slides are always made available immediately afterwards   read more

Stroke care in Yorkshire. Healthwatch survey

CHFT colleagues are invited to send their views into a survey about stroke care in our region.     The engagement process is being coordinated by Healthwatch in our area.  read more

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