You were framed and fabulous..!!

Labour ward team


Thanks to all colleagues who put up with us when Comms and a photographer turned up in your areas last week on Monday and Tuesday.


We set out on so-called "miserable Monday" (January's darkest day, apparently) yet you'd never know it. We found plenty of colleagues ready with a smile to help us out and as a result we've got a much fuller photo archive we are proud of. We've teams and individuals, medics, physios, support services, cooks, handymen, nurses, scientists and engineers.


We've come away with a new selection of fab photos for Trust use - but as you're the stars we'll give you all some previews....and a laugh too. They will be appearing on the Trust website/leaflets/Annual Report 2016/17 and presentations throughout the upcoming year.


In the coming weeks we'll be sharing more of them with you all. We can't include them all in CHFT Weekly, but if you would like your photo emailed  - and they are crackers -  please call Antonia in Comms at HRI on ext 5253.


We start with the CRH Labour Ward team and there are other midwifery colleagues attached.


****During a visit to the plaster room at HRI we found patient Karen Armitage pictured having her leg repotted and she was full of praise for her care (see attachment)


She said: "I have been coming here on and off for years and everybody is incredibly helpful and flexible and thoughtful. They can't do enough. The don't need to, they could just do their basic job and no-one would mind but they just can't do enough.


"At the moment, there is so much moaning about the NHS people don't know how lucky they are and we should be saying that instead. This is a very well run department and I want everyone to know that."