Jackie Swire's birthday meal resus drama and how HRI training turned her into a life saver

Jackie and son Sid are photobombed by a friendly pensioner!


Our former chemo sister Jackie Swire is on a mission to save lives after she was involved in a dramatic resuscitation during her birthday celebration meal out.


(And no, she didn't revive the pensioner pictured - More on that photo on the bottom of the story)


Jackie and husband Rob - Man Utd's former physio - were eating out at a tapas bar in Littleborough when a young woman suddenly became ill.


Jackie said: "I noticed the lady wasn't well and the man was holding her head in his hands. I went to see if I could help. Her eyes were rolling and he said she had been in hospital over Christmas.  She had a faint pulse.  Rob rang 999, we moved her into the floor and she stopped breathing and went blue. 


"Rob and I resuscitated her successfully and the ambulance came. Afterwards, the owner brought champagne out and we sat with another birthday party and chatted for hours very relieved that we had got her breathing again."


They never knew the outcome as early the next day they were up early to walk home to Stainland!


But Jackie knew she had her HRI training to thank for being able to help on that night.


She added: "I rang Wilma Farquharson at HRI the next day and chatted to her about it and thanked her for all her training over the years. It's different in a hospital setting. There was another party in the restaurant and we were very calm so as not to disturb the other party and it just felt right. 


"I had already suggested buying a defib for the community from our WI charity, but this just made me more determined and to ensure that CPR training was available and leaflets to give non-medical people the confidence to have ago."



As a result of that birthday meal - in 2016 -  Jackie,  now President of the Sowood WI  and her ladies have started an amazing fundraising drive and have so notched up £7500 over the last year to buy  four defibrillators for local community points at Holywell Green post office, Stainland cricket club and Stainland library  and Sowood community centre. The year before they bought a blood pressure Dina map for ward 7 HRI approx £2900.



She said: " After my birthday emergency last year, I knew it wasn't just about buying defibs. I got a grant from the British Heart Foundation, which was a CPR training kit with resuscitation chests and full instruction. 



"I am very privileged to be confident and knowledgeable  in CPR and I'm passionate that others should have the confidence to have a go. We are also aiming to train all our 130 members in CPR and other community groups."



Under her leadership the WI is also trying to be more healthy by eating better and exercising.  Jackie adds: "Our 130 members have all got BHF leaflets about life style, diet and CPR skills and we're promoting a healthier life style. We're also planning a walk through the villages singing and dancing as we go along !!!!!!"


** And no...Fergie hasn't joined the ladies of Sowood but we thought you'd enjoy the pic taken at Old Trafford in his box.   Jackie was at the ground at a "posh" do in another box. Her husband Rob - Man Utd's physio from 1991-2014 -  and son Sid were at the match and when Fergie heard they were there he invited them all into his private box and photo session.


** And Jackie is pictured with Maureen Hancock, president of the West Yorkshire Federation Women's Institute. Sowood WI entered the quiz cup for the time and came away with the trophy.