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Issue 102 | 12th January 2017

Caroline, Owen and colleagues on ICU at HRI

Winkley's won it! Our latest Star Award winner

Caroline Winkley who organises our Remembrance Services for families whose relatives have died in our intensive care units, is our latest Star Award winner.     More than 80 people attended the service before Christmas and they lit candles in memory of their loved ones and also took away a pebble. 
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A bit of all-white. New smart boards for therapies.

In-Patient Therapy Team Leader Anthony Dawson and Adam Buckley from THIS recently demonstrated a new Therapy e-caseload system which will revolutionise the way the team work in future.     The new electronic whiteboard system is already working at HRI and CRH will join them this month. 
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Kim, left and Lesley

JAG's the way to do it! Lesley and Kim celebrating - and amazing, patient praise for the team

Endoscopists Kim Denton and Lesley Reed are celebrating after scooping their top JAG accreditation.     The JAG (Joint Advisory Group on Endoscopy) - the highest level of excellence at work - involves assessment in both practical and written work some by external assessors and some internally. 
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Gerard centre with the complaints handling team

Complaints backlog cleared and all now being dealt with before the deadline thanks to huge effort

   We are currently celebrating a huge turnaround in our complaints handling service for patients and their families.     It's been overhauled with such effect we met our target of not having any complaints overdue at the end of November. And by the end of January we expect to be back in that position after catchup after the holiday period. 
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Apply now for Nursing Associate Roles - deadline Jan 20

CHFT has successfully been selected to be a test site for the Nursing Associate Role.     Internal expressions of interest are now being requested from potential candidates.      Job descriptions (see attached) and information have been sent to the Associate Directors of Nursing – for distribution to the clinical teams.  read more

Reducing emails....more than 70,000 a day are sent across CHFT on average!

We send around 72,000 emails across CHFT a day…..yes that many! So it’s no wonder there are sometimes delays getting back to each other.  read more

With the imminent switchover of E-Rostering - here's January's newsletter

The newsletter includes information such as who to email with general queries, dates and times of switchover, FAQs and staff changes. Please see the attached.  read more

Here\'s our new-look website would look - with CHFT colleagues

Recruitment: total overhaul

   The recruitment team have been working through a Recruitment Improvement Plan over the last few months with the result of improving time to hire and the experience of the process for both the applicant and the recruiting manager.  read more

Tap & Go roll-out continues -"simple sign-in process will make a big difference" says Jackie Murphy

In November 2016, more than 1000 colleagues activated their ID card for ‘Tap & Go’ and over the next three months the rollout will continue as Health Informatics visit wards and departments.     This new way of signing into computers will speed up access to many commonly used clinical systems, including EPR.  read more

CHFT Events

So you want to be a doctor - special help day for sixth formers.

We are again staging our day long support day for sixth formers and college studemt wanting to become medics.  read more

CHFT's Week of Wellbeing and spaces still available for Mindfulness course

Many of last week's stories focussed on what colleagues do to try and stay healthy and well.  read more

Thank yous and well dones all around at Big Brief on Tuesday

Recognition of hard work with huge thanks to colleagues was the main theme running through the whole of the Big Brief this week, hosted by Director of Workforce and Development Ian Warren and Medical Director David Birkenhead.  read more

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