Beer, fish and chips, whisky, chocolate, ice-cream. Your colleagues' guilty pleasures.... and their top tips on staying healthy and stress-free for 2017

In moderation... all fine

It's day five of 2017 and if your resolve to get fitter, eat less, exercise more and feel all-round better is flagging -  then help is at hand from CHFT.


Next week we'll share more information about a week of wellbeing activities starting on Monday 16th January, which all colleagues can get involved with.


And right across CHFT 60 wellbeing champions are supporting the programme of wellbeing - there's going to be a real drive this year to offer support at work and help you wherever we can. That's because there's clear evidence that happier, healthier NHS staff offer better care and contribute to the success of our Trust.


We've another round of Mindfulness courses - free for colleagues - starting on the 19th of this month (see attached). There's also the next Great Day Out on Thursday Jan 27th in Golcar (see the events section of this bulletin for details).


And in the stories below  - in the rest of CHFT Weekly - you can read all about how your colleagues try to stay fit and healthy (and prove they're human too!).


Believe it or not, it's not bootcamp, lettuce and water! It involves chocolate, beer, ice-cream and exercise.


Thanks to them all revealing for revealing their tops tips and hope you're inspired!