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Issue 101 | 5th January 2017

In moderation... all fine

Beer, fish and chips, whisky, chocolate, ice-cream. Your colleagues' guilty pleasures.... and their top tips on staying healthy and stress-free for 2017

It's day five of 2017 and if your resolve to get fitter, eat less, exercise more and feel all-round better is flagging -  then help is at hand from CHFT.     Next week we'll share more information about a week of wellbeing activities starting on Monday 16th January, which all colleagues can get involved with. 
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Karen (left) and Jean having a well deserved rest!

Un-flu-gettable! The jabs campaign of 2016/17....there's still time to have the vaccination

Having provided a whopping 600 vaccinations between them, it's safe to say Jean Robinson and Karen Tomlinson from our Infection Control Team (pictured) played a vital part in us vaccinating 76% of frontline colleagues to date. 
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Farewell to John Mannion.... and that bl**dy brass band CD and a gold Rolo

He jokes "dogsbody" they call him "The Boss".     Friends and family joined him for his last day after 20 years at HRI. 
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Sue, Purav and Mandy

We need to talk about the "D" word. CHFT colleagues in new end-of-life training film

   CHFT colleagues are the clinical leads in a new film aiming to promote conversations around final wishes.     The aim is to promote the benefits to healthcare professionals and to families with relatives who are at the end of their lives to talk openly and plan ahead. 
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Thank-you from our Chief Operating Officer Helen Barker

Every year – at the start of January – it’s tradition that a mass thank-you goes out trust-wide to everyone at CHFT for coping under the extreme pressures which winter brings.     This year it’s thank you as never before!!     We’re surviving an incredibly tough time.  read more

Whisky and mountain running - paediatrician Alistair Morris

   How do you relax away from work ? Most people say I don't really relax as I don’t stop.  I am not one for sitting on the beach or sitting with a book for long.  I probably relax best by doing some activity.  read more

Stairs and Scammonden - chaplain George Spencer

How do you relax away from work?  Doing something totally absorbing - this used to be sailing (or more likely, swimming after an upturned boat ) at Scammonden, but tends now to be painting pictures or extreme gardening.  read more

Fish and chips and walking 10,000 steps a day round CRH - services manager Val Rigg

How do you relax away from work:  Nothing beats a lovely walk particularly on the beach  How do you try to stay healthy:   I  try to avoid fatty foods  What's your guilty pleasure.  read more

Cheesecake and bossing my husband - Sister Jenna McLoughland

How do you relax away from work  I enjoy watching films and socialising. I also find bossing my husband around a great tonic!     How do you try and stay healthy  Eating fresh fruit and vegetables - I love a roast dinner.  read more

A pint of Landlord and Leeds United - FSS's Martin De Bono

 How do you relax away from work?     I tend to go to my local pub to meet my friends. I also follow my favourite football club from childhood, Leeds United. Come on you whites!     How do you try to stay healthy?     My wife is an excellent cook and infatuated with healthy eating.  read more


Hot chocolate and look on the bright side - Divisional Project Manager Transformation and EPR Lead Kathryn Aldous

   How do you relax away from work?  Walking our two spaniels Jess and Molly, running (training for the Great North Run)     How do you try to stay healthy?  Joined Weight Watchers (again - this time intend to stick to it!!), eat lots of fruit and veg, running.  read more

So what are you waiting for? Local offers for gym membership available now

Now you've read the tips from your colleagues what better time than now to make a fresh start? There are a number of local gyms and hotels willing to offer discounts for membership or other offers.  read more

Policies and work information

New apprentice roles in wards and theatres

Here's our class of November 2016.     And if you're looking for an apprenticeship then read on.     We are currently advertising for clinical apprentices to work on the wards and in therapy. They are on NHS jobs reference 372-CORP403.  read more

Are you EQUIP'd? Policies and service changes won't be approved if you're not....

                  If you intend to write or revise a policy or procedure, introduce a new service or make a change to a service you need to EQUIP yourself by completing a new online form.  read more

CHFT Events

Big Brief reminder - next Tuesday at 8am

January's Big Brief takes place next Tuesday 10 January at 8am at both sites. We'll be in Ingleton Falls at CRH and the Lecture Theatre at HRI.  read more

Next Great Day Out - 26 January

Our next Great Day Out will take place on Thursday 26 January. There are limited spaces available, so please see attached for all the information and register your interest soon.  read more

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