Top bloke on top of the world. Richard Johnson's amazing charity work in the shadow of Everest.

Richard with Everest in the background


By night his tent froze and during the day it was T-shirt and shorts weather.   Ticks and mice had to be dealt with too.


These were the challenges facing our anaesthetist Richard Johnson who has been school-building in Nepal in the shadow of Everest.


He was with a party of  33  adults from West Yorkshire Scouts as part of Project Nepal 4 and, now back,  sent CHFT Weekly these amazing photos and shared his experiences.


Working as volunteers with the Anglo-Nepalese charity Community Action Nepal (CAN), founded by the mountaineer Doug Scott, they travelled for two days from Kathmandu to a remote Himalayan village called Lapcha.

The local school was badly damaged in the earthquakes of 2015. The school is sponsored by CAN, which promotes healthcare and education in rural areas, and so their team was tasked with building a new annexe containing three classrooms. The work was undertaken working alongside the local people, and they took essentials to equip the school as well, such as textbooks, sports equipment and refurbished laptop computers.


Richard, said: " We spent most of the three weeks under canvas, camping, and had to cope with mice getting in the tents and ticks embedding themselves into peoples groins! At night the tents froze but during the day we were in tee shirts and shorts, so were exposed to a wide range of daily temperatures.


" Over the course of the 12 days in Lapcha the team managed to get the building up to the roof plate, ready for the roof to be put on by the locals after we left. The expedition finished with a three-day trek out of Lapcha before a hair-raising day's road trip back to Kathmandu. Lapcha is in the southern Everest region, so we were treated to glimpses of the world’s highest mountain range on clear days. As well as being team doctor I also was one of the Timber team leaders, responsible for woodworking tasks within the project."


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