As Christmas draws near we're edging even closer - Medical Division gaining ground...have you got any flu vaccination forms in your department that need returning?

CRH Pain Clinic are 100% vaccinated - congrats!

We've had a great response this week from colleagues who've had their vaccination at a GP or elsewhere, plus vaccination forms being located in wards and departments - so keep 'em coming to Occupational Health so they can be recorded ASAP.


In fact Elf on the Shelf even got in the act and managed to make sure the Pain Clinic Team at CRH were 100% vaccinated.


If you’ve had your vaccination at GP or elsewhere and you’ve not told anyone yet, please either complete this online form, email or talk to your local immuniser.


And if you are a peer immuniser please check you've not got any forms lying around.


We know cases of flu are being reported in many hospitals as well as here at CHFT. The side effects of the vaccine are in most cases much less than the impact of catching flu – so please don’t wait much longer to have your vaccination if you haven't had it.


If we can vaccinate a further 300 or so frontline colleagues before 31 December we would have the potential to:


  • Provide 169 000 patient meals
  • Employ 20 nurses for a year
  • Carry out 120 planned hip operations
  • Pay for 35 porters for a year


Performance (as at Tuesday):

Surgical division hot on the heels of Medical, Medical docs almost catching F&SS – and Community break through the 70% barrier!

Operational division

Total vaccinated %

Doctors %

Qualified nurses, midwives and health visitors %













Surgical and anaesthetics





Need more help?

If you have any questions our flu pages may also help you or you can email us at

There won’t be an update by email next week given many colleagues will be on leave – the flu team would like to wish colleagues a Merry Christmas.