Santa approves!! New Going Home Zones will help our contracted taxi firms find patients more quickly out of hours

The new zones - in the main entrances at both sites - have been created to make sure patients with pre-authorised transport are picked up as quickly as possible when our own transport department is closed.


This should help to improve the experience for people who just want to get home quickly (like Santa aka Barry Ackroyd) - as we all do.


It also means staff from our partner taxi companies won't have to spend vast amounts of time having to seek-out patients, and will save us money too.



If our transport department is closed and you have patients who are fit to go home please direct them to the Going Home Zone in order to be collected by our contact taxi companies (who have been made aware of the new zones).


This doesn't apply to Yorkshire Ambulance Service transport as they will still use ambulance waiting area – it’s for transport booked via hospital transport or taxis ordered through switchboard.