A Christmas message from CHFT's "Ant and Dec" and something from the real boys too!

So smart - and where\'s Andrew\'s tie!

CEO Owen, left and chair Andrew Haigh have been hosting all our major Trust events side-by-side for four years now.  


At Celebrating Success this year they dubbed themselves the "second-rate" Ant and Dec, so in tribute to them (and with apols to the Geordie presenting duo) -and to raise a smile - Comms has created this photo of just how they might look away from CHFT and all dressed up like first-rate presenters! 


We also took the opportunity to ask them about their Christmases gone by and for their special messages to CHFT colleagues for Xmas 2016 and into 2017!


1 Favourite bit of Dec 25?

Owen (O) - Opening presents with the wife and kids

Andrew (A)-  Breakfast of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon


2 Fave present ever and why?

O - Not at liberty to discuss

A - I am told by my family that I am the most difficult person to buy for. Last year one of my daughters bought me a particular dragon statue which is right up there.


3 Champagne, port or snowballs?

O - None of the above – scrambled eggs on toast with a mug of hot chocolate will do just fine

A - For me, port


4 If you could have one present for CHFT what would it be?

O - A great festive period for staff and patients and a prosperous new year

A - Progressing the reconfiguration plans to action rather than planning


5 Did your children ever catch-you out as Santa?

O - If you asked them they’d probably say he’s more like Krampus* (Krampus is a horned,  folklore figure described as "half-goat, half-demon", who, during the Christmas season, punishes children who have misbehaved, in contrast with Saint Nicholas, who rewards the well-behaved with gifts).

A - No - but I have had some serious ribbing over my choice of Xmas jumpers (bit the same as ties really)!


6 Any comedy disasters with food?

O - Yep my late Mum always said that I had a hole in my bottom lip

A - Only too much of it - particularly red cabbage & port (see answer to champagne question!


7 Long walk or slump in front of the telly?

O - Upright playing PlayStation 4 or watching a DC/Marvel/Star Wars something

A - Long walk followed by relaxing and family games


8 Quality Street or Ferrero Rocher?

O -  Neither - Galaxy or Aero all day long

A -  Of the two,  Quality Street


9 Fave Christmas pop song/music?

O - Black Butterfly – Sounds of Blackness

A - Slade Merry Xmas – no not really!  Modern music would be Marillion's take on The Carol of the Bells; however I would also say The Christmas Overture by Nigel Hess sums up Christmas music for me and not forgetting my favorite carol - The Three Kings


10 What would your special message for 2017 be to all your colleagues?

O - Be proud of who you are, what you’ve achieved and look forward with optimism

A - Embrace the EPR implementation. It has the potential to revolutionise the way we work for our patients the better.


** In the meantime the real Ant and Dec have sent a message to all NHS workers from the jungle. See photo attached.