MP visits our pioneering PMU - right at the forefront of transplant research

Burrinda, left, with Barry second left during the tour

Our Pharmacy Manufacturing unit is at the forefront of research to save lives through organ transplantation.


A special solution is being developed in labs there which will help to preserve human organs which have been removed and are awaiting transplant.  Our PMU (behind Acre Mills)  recently won the contract to reseach and develop the product and this is just one of the unit's success stories.


Also known as  Huddersfield Pharmacy Specials (HPS) the unit is thriving and produces thousands of medicines ranging from sterile injections to sterile eye drops, from non-sterile oral solutions developed for children to ointments used to treat psoriasis and from packaged antibiotics for patients attending A&E to emergency pre-packs to prevent the effects of anaphylactic shock in patients prone to allergies. 


More recently, HPS has embarked upon a five year growth strategy whereby it is expanding its portfolio through new product development and also increasingly offering its capabilities in R&D to the global pharmaceutical industry.  


Managing director Dr Burrinder Grewal, said: " One example where this new strategy is bearing fruit is its significant contract win to research and develop a new solution to better preserve human organs prior to transplant.  It is particularly pleasing to know that such a product, developed here in Huddersfield, could impact the lives of millions of patients around the world."


MP Barry Sheerman visited HPS in-order to talk about how the organisation was growing and how he could help HPS realise its ambition to expand.  He said: “ HPS is clearly an ethical and quality driven pharmaceutical manufacturing organisation that up to now has been a hidden gem.  It is now rightly developing plans to have a greater national and international presence and all from a base in Huddersfield”.


Burrinder added: “HPS is an exceptionally innovative Yorkshire based organisation staffed by highly talented and dedicated staff, which has the capability not only to design and develop a medicinal product from scratch but then to also manufacture it and distribute it throughout the NHS and the UK.  HPS truly offers the NHS and the industry as a whole a valuable and importantly quality driven service.”


Our non-Executive Director, Prof. Peter Roberts, said “Strategically HPS is an important asset to the Trust and to the entire Kirklees and Calderdale economy”.

Pictured are, from the left: Burrinder Grewal, Barry Sheerman,  Quality Control Managers Darren Marsland and Andrew Myers.