Teifi's our third Prof.

Our consultant ophthalmologist Teifi James -  the world's leading "dry eye" expert - has been appointed an honorary visiting professor.


He is the third  "prof" at CHFT and  joins oncologist JK Joffe and  knee expert  Gautam Chakrabarty to acquire the prestigious title.


Teifi was awarded the honour for his teaching links with Cardiff University's School of Optometry and Vision Science. He teaches via webinar to post-grad optician students in all corner of the world and marks their work electronically.


Dry Eye affects 25% of adults and is a condition caused by the eye lid not having the ability to produce tears. He recommends treating it with warm compresses and is a world leader in the field. The eye bags recently came second in an innovation competition hosted by Richard Branson.


His work has led him to deliver talks across the world and this year will be travelling to Scandinavia.


He said: " Professorships can be usually for research but I think it is brilliant that this was awarded for teaching. I love teaching.One of my missions has been to pass on knowledge and enthusiasm which I can  do alongside my work here at the Trust. It is unpaid work on a good will basis and it is lovely to have received the letter from the vice-chancellor recognising this."  He is due to be formally presented at a ceremony probably next summer.


Prof on the Spot. 

As Teifi's such an expert we've asked him the that questions matter.


Who’s got the best eyes in the world?

Sarah Gurney

Fave eye colour and why?

Hazel - just love them

Are the eyes the windows of the soul?

I don't believe in the soul... 

Best spectacles wearer glasses in the world?

Clark Kent - see attachment

Tell us something we don’t know about eyes.

 You stop blinking when you stare at a screen

Tell us something we don’t know about you!

Charlotte Green  (see attachment) the Radio 4 news reader used to babysit me