DNAs at lowest ever. Our Outpatients team is leading the way!

Team with our Wolverhampton visitors



We're the currently riding high in the OP (out patient)  Efficiency league  - so good other Trusts are coming to find out how we are doing it.


Thanks to new IT which provides real-time data on cancellation and DNA rates and when appointment slots are available, our appointments team is now leading the way for efficiency and  winning the war against wasted, unused clinic slots and helping the Trust to see more patients every day.


DNAs for first and follow-up appointments are down from 8.1% in 14/15 to 6.5% in 16/17, patient and hospital cancellation rates have reduced from  13.5% in 2014/15 to 10.6% in 2016/17, whilst slot utilisation has increased from 89.8% in 2014/15 to 93.5% in 2015/16.  It's a tremendous development which Katharine Fletcher spoke about at the recent ‘national  SBK Outpatient Services 2016:  Innovative Models Shared’ conference.


Katharine  said: " I thought we were all doing the same work in tackling wasted appointments but it's not the case.  Trusts are wanting to come and see what we are doing here which is testament to the success of the project. It's an all-round team effort and the appointments team couldn't have done it without the software development support from THIS who created the Knowledge Portal and, our consultants and outpatient nurses who have worked with us to improve efficiency across all our outpatient areas. 


Measures for success include:

* real time data at specialty, consultant and clinic level

* A booking tool that identifies all available slots as soon as they become free

*  A validation and clinical assessment process for patients waiting for appointments.

* Reduced waiting lists, DNAs, Cancellations and appointment slot issues. 


On Tuesday we had visitors from Wolverhampton to see what we are doing and several other Trusts have booked to come and see in the New Year.

Associate Director, Nick Bruce, said: "We both found it extremely interesting and it was great to see a benchmark for the way you are using the tooling to understand what good looks like.


"I came away enthused in terms of what we could be doing here at Wolverhampton to follow your benchmark in this area and the opportunities we could have by utilising this sort of solution for patients and our services. I wish we had had more time as we both agreed that seeing more of your set-up would have been ideal."