Recycling now in place at both please do your bit to support it

Did you know most of our domestic waste is burnt to get energy from waste at the moment? This makes recycling (which we're all use to at home) a much better option.


Both hospital sites now have lots more facilities like recycling bins and each has it's own on site waste compactor skip. So it's now time to get with the programme and start recycling more at work.


Paper, card, cans and plastic can be put in the green bags (which are supplied by the domestic teams). It's then compacted making this lightweight recycling waste easier to transport to the facility in Bradford where it is sorted.


This means we will be recycling the materials most people are familiar with recycling at home, improving the Trust’s sustainability and saving money.


In clinical areas you should have a pedal bin available which is labelled up for Dry Mixed Recycling.


For office areas the Waste and Sustainability Team have a limited number of green flip top bins (se pic) that we can give out on a first come first serve basis. Labels are also available for existing bins.


Larger Community sites also have a recycling wheelie bin which should be used wherever possible.


Two really important points to note:

  1. Glass must not be put in the green bags, but can be collected separately by the waste porters.
  2. Food waste is also no good for recycling and must be put in the clear bag domestic waste or the small waste caddies in kitchens (if you have one).


Please contact Don Mackenzie on 07342068796 or Helen Boothroyd on HRI 5735 if you have any questions about the bins.