Jane's award for best Posterior.....Pole!

She's not Rear of the Year, but Medical Illustration Manager Jane Armitage's photo has scooped a top award for the Best Posterior  Pole (or to us laymen...a detailed colour photograph of the back of the eye!).



She entered the pic at the annual national Ophthalmic Imaging Association Conference for her colour retinal photograph, which was unique because it was of a very rare eye condition.



Jane said "I am proud to be part of a small yet valuable team at CHFT. I wanted to share with them and our Trust how all our hard work contributes to our success and our profession too."



The image was used by Consultant Ophthalmologist Teifi James who said "The award winning photo was just one very striking image beautifully captured. The eye condition shown is called ‘Serpigineous Choroiditis’. It’s uncommon but often causes untreatable sight loss. Comparing photos taken at different times allows us to understand whether the condition is deteriorating and how rapidly.


"This is why the work that Medical Illustrations support us in is vital for us as professionals and our patients".


Here's a snapshot of the Medical Illustrations team:


How many colleagues work in the team?

  • Three photographers
  • One part-time information co-ordinator
  • One clerical.


Do you work across both sites?

Yes, we work across HRI, CRH and Acre Mill. Our studio is at HRI.


What sort of work do you get involved in?

  • We generally photograph outpatients from maxillofacial surgery, dermatology,  plastics, paediatrics ENT (lesions lumps bumps) .
  • We also document for follow-up, medico legal, pre/post-op surgery.
  • We work on wards to document pressure areas, ulcers, wounds, pre-op surgery.
  • We also help with Ophthalmology diagnostic imaging for retinal eye disease fluorescein angiography imaging.
  • And we support printing and design of posters and staff portraits