Ward 8c among our staff stars at the first Jobs Fair. Full picture roundup

Tanya Wilkinson and Sarah Bray

Ward 8c at CRH, which has recorded an amazing Friends and Family  (F&F) upturn, was among our teams who all put on a fab show at Saturday's Jobs Fair  at HRI (see more pics attached).


Colleagues put on a fab  range of stalls showcasing their areas of care for our guests attending our first event of its kind aimed at recruiting nurses into all areas.


And it paid dividends - we hired 32 new nurses on the day!! 


Tanya Wilkinson and Sarah Bray, top picture, were there from 8c with a stand showing all lovely feedback comments from families into their ward.


8c only opened in October last year as an extra capacity ward. In April its F&F rating was 35% and now it is up to 80%. The ward, an acute, medical ward for patients with conditions including asthma and diabetes, thrives on continuity of its team members.


Sarah, said: "We have an established team which gives us that essential continuity." Tanya said the team had a good bond. "We are all comfortable. No-one comes into work unhappy. We are all there for each other."


The 8c stand included a display board covered in comments and feedback and photos of  team colleagues.


Our Director of Nursing Brendan Brown welcomed our guests which included students from the University and other qualified nurses interested in a return. 


Brendan told them: "This is one of the nicest and friendliest places I have worked at and we want it also be the best! We won't over-promise and we won't under-deliver. This is an exciting time with lots of change."


Michelle Bamforth then hosted the rest of the welcome and afterwards they were invited to tour the stands to speak to our colleagues and find out more. 


She said: "What a fabulous event!  The clinical teams went above and beyond to showcase the great work they are doing in their areas!"