Our Mortuary Modernisers are the latest Star Award winners

Danielle, Owen and Fran


Wednesday morning. 9 am. Knock on the door and in walks the CEO. Not a typical day but that's what happened yesterday when our latest Star Awards were presented.


Mortuary technicians Danielle Woodall and Fran Allen were nominated by Andrea Vickerman, our training lead for end of life care for their work making changes to the mortuary services in the couple of years they have been in post. And they were surprised and thrilled with their unexpected start to the day.


Danielle said: " I am chuffed to bits. It's nice to be recognised." Fran said: " It's overwhelming."


They have boosted the services with upgraded viewing rooms, drawing up new policies and assisting with training for colleagues. Danielle, added: " We have the same responsibility of care as a living person. They are still our patients. They could be one of our relatives so the care has to be what we would want for our families."


Andrea's nomination, said: " They are both extremely dedicated to their role caring for deceased patients of all ages. They both work tirelessly to ensure the service never falters working with funeral directors and families and friends viewing their loved ones. They are always helpful to ward staff and happy to show new staff how the mortuaries work.


" I have worked closely with both of them and I have seen first-hand how well deceased patients and families are cared for in our Trust. This part of the Trust doesn’t get noticed as it is such a sad area to be in. Danielle and Fran have made this area of work very positive! They have both worked diligently to improve the viewing rooms making them look more comfortable for families to be with their deceased loved ones. Having new furnishings, pictures drawn by children, framed pictures and lighting has made an area very sensitive and welcoming for such sad times. They both have passion for their roles and it is paramount how much care and respect they have for all decreased patients."


Well done Fran and Danielle!


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