Issue 192

04/10/2018 11:51

Wards 20, 4,5,8 and 15 unite for Pride in our Care

Our teams on our newly re-configured wards for our elderly patients are teaming up for a “Pride in our Care” campaign.  In December 2017 we brought them all together on the HRI site at the same time we centred cardiac and respiratory care at CRH to create two specialist centres. 

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Issue 191

27/09/2018 11:35

A patient has hailed our care the "best in the country"! Find out which ward is celebrating here!

There's praise and then there's this from one grateful patient - now the proud owner of a new hip - and hailing the team as the best in the country!  The writer was bowled over by "the expertise, support and guidance , kindness and positivity....  from ALL the staff. 

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Issue 190

20/09/2018 11:46

Helen Jones is a real Star for supporting a family - find out what she did here.

Operations Manager Helen Jones was surprised by the Chief Exec Owen with our latest Star Award  to say the least - so surprised she burst into  happy tears.  At first she was baffled as to why Owen and all her team gathered together with a bunch of flowers at the ready. 

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Issue 189

13/09/2018 11:40

"CHFT will be the BloodTrack envy of the world! 110% effort makes us global leaders.

L to R: Sarah Ramsden Jonathan Bray Takis Kalogeropoulos Sam Kershaw Michelle Lake Karen English

We're celebrating after CHFT adopted a "big bang" style approach to installing BloodTrack... and did it!  Some Trusts take up to five years to achieve the first phase.  We have completed phases 1 and 2 in a year and are already onto phase 3. Once that is complete we will be the envy of the world. 

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Issue 187

06/09/2018 11:44

"I've got my boyfriend back!" Why ICU's Nicki Schofield is backing Organ Donation Week.

Our intensive care nurse Nicki Schofield at HRI is urging people to sign up to the register, in this Organ Donation Week, after her partner received a new kidney and pancreas in an amazing double transplant.  Now, just four months after the op, Nicki Schofield, says:  “I’ve got my boyfriend back! The kids have their Dad back. 

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Issue 186

30/08/2018 11:30

Discharge teamwork for our patients.

Rachel, in stripey jumper and the multi-agency Discharge Team.

Our Discharge Team are on an amazing roll at the moment, notching up another major first in patient care which is a tribute to working together at its very best.  CHFT hospital and community staff and Social Services colleagues have achieved a milestone with zero patients with us for more than 100 days*. And even better... 

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Issue 185

23/08/2018 11:30

From tea and toast to just being there. Theatres' pledge trees have the awww factor

L-r: Kathy Hutton, Leah Fisher, Lynn Penson and Zoe Matthewman

Our theatres teams have installed their own "Pledge Trees" promising to deliver only the very best care by them all.  The stick-on trees dominate the reception areas and are proving a real source of reassurance and a distraction to our patients who are on their way for surgery. 

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Issue 184

16/08/2018 11:42

Lisa Green's marathon support for her patient wins Star Award

   Our dietician Lisa Green has collected a Star Award after helping a Halifax man run the London Marathon with a tube in his throat following tumour surgery.    Gary Taylor, an electrical engineer from Halifax, cannot eat or drink so the only way he could complete the 26-mile run was with a backpack containing his liquid food and hydration... 

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Issue 183

09/08/2018 11:40

World RL star Amy Hardcastle joins a new team - ED at CRH

One of the world's top women rugby league players has been welcomed into the ED team at CRH.  Amy Hardcastle - the only northern hemisphere player in the world top 10 - joined us as a healthcare assistant in June.  She scored the best try in the last World Cup in Australia last year and last weekend lifted the Challenge Cup plate with Bradford Bulls scoring twice. 

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Issue 182

02/08/2018 12:06

UK Employer of the Year: CHFT reaches finals of first NT Workforce Awards

Our Trust is through to the finals of the first-ever Nursing Times Workforce Awards together with our partners at Huddersfield University.  Our joint entry, which focuses on all our work to recruit and retain nurses, is one of eight finalists in the category Best UK Employer . 

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