Issue 214

21/03/2019 11:32

Make no bones about it... we're offering faster fracture care and fewer waits

CHFT has introduced new faster fracture care.  Patients at CHFT are getting more specialist and faster care for broken bones thanks to an innovative new service. 

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Issue 213

14/03/2019 11:40

I was nearly knocking on heaven's door. Gym heart attack Dad thanks Star Award winner Chloe Ward.

Trainee Nurse Associate Chloe Ward saved a life and scooped a Star Award..... and  today via CHFT Weekly a massive thankyou from the Dad she brought back from the brink.  Rob Bhattacharya, pictured insert, from Halifax, now on the road to recovery,  spoke about the day he nearly died and how he owes his life to Chloe  and others in the gym. 

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issue 212

07/03/2019 11:35

Jumping for Joy. We've three through to the Student Nursing Times finals

Here's Sister Emma Armitage (formerly Melkowski) literally jumping for joy at the news she's a finalist at one of the top awards ceremonies of the year.  "Outstanding" Emma along with Gary Miles and CHFT as a whole organisation, will be at the Student Nursing Times awards in London on Friday 26th April. 

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Issue 211

28/02/2019 11:29

Marvellous March: working together to make CHFT care even better

In March (tomorrow, folks) we’ll be having an extra focus on improving our performance in key areas at CHFT.  For those of you who recall our Perfect Week campaigns, the way we’ll manage it will be very similar. 

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Issue 210

21/02/2019 11:44

New for 2019 - CHFT's Got Medical Talent!

Exciting for this year are our new internal awards for our doctors in training here at CHFT.  We're flying the flag in recognition of all they do and today we are launching our CHFT's Got Medical Talent.  Anyone in the Trust can nominate a doctor in training for an award so click through to the link below and give your fave doc a nomination. 

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Issue 209

14/02/2019 12:52

Congrats Hayley and Lola - our Double Star Award winners

Helen Barker had to be fast out of the blocks to ensure our double Star Award winners received their certificates today.  For the first time we had a tie in our monthly colleague award and our Chief Operating Officer made two presentations at CRH in half an hour. 

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Issue 208

07/02/2019 11:40

Straight-to-test telephone assessments helping improve the patient experience

Waiting for tests and results can be a worrying and anxious time for patients. So our Colorectal telephone Assessment Clinics (TACs) are helping reduce the time to diagnosis, and in some cases surgery for patients. 

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Issue 207

31/01/2019 12:13

Fab CRH women's unit delivering a family centred approach following their moves

Colleagues, patients and relatives on our women’s unit are seeing improvements in the care their families receive - thanks to a huge effort to bring all the departments together at CRH.  Rather than being spread around the hospital, they’re now all together on wards 4, offering much better choices and facilities to patients and their families. 

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Issue 206

24/01/2019 11:31

Treadmill trauma. My daughter the lifesaver.

Chloe left and Michelle

Trainee Associate Nurse Chloe Ward has hailed all her training at HRI after she helped revive a man who had collapsed at her gym.  He was running on the treadmill at Pure Gym, Halifax, and banged his head in the fall which left him with no pulse and unresponsive. 

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Issue 205

17/01/2019 11:00

They're "wonderful, loving individuals" Star Award to team who showed such compassion.

It's not just the best care our patients receive which counts - it sometimes means looking after their family's needs as well, and this is where ED at HRI came into their own.  They went above and beyond for a young boy thought to be aged about 4 to 6, whose father was admitted unwell and had no nearby family or indeed, anyone else to look after him. 

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