Issue 208

07/02/2019 11:40

Straight-to-test telephone assessments helping improve the patient experience

Waiting for tests and results can be a worrying and anxious time for patients. So our Colorectal telephone Assessment Clinics (TACs) are helping reduce the time to diagnosis, and in some cases surgery for patients. 

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Issue 207

31/01/2019 12:13

Fab CRH women's unit delivering a family centred approach following their moves

Colleagues, patients and relatives on our women’s unit are seeing improvements in the care their families receive - thanks to a huge effort to bring all the departments together at CRH.  Rather than being spread around the hospital, they’re now all together on wards 4, offering much better choices and facilities to patients and their families. 

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Issue 206

24/01/2019 11:31

Treadmill trauma. My daughter the lifesaver.

Chloe left and Michelle

Trainee Associate Nurse Chloe Ward has hailed all her training at HRI after she helped revive a man who had collapsed at her gym.  He was running on the treadmill at Pure Gym, Halifax, and banged his head in the fall which left him with no pulse and unresponsive. 

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Issue 205

17/01/2019 11:00

They're "wonderful, loving individuals" Star Award to team who showed such compassion.

It's not just the best care our patients receive which counts - it sometimes means looking after their family's needs as well, and this is where ED at HRI came into their own.  They went above and beyond for a young boy thought to be aged about 4 to 6, whose father was admitted unwell and had no nearby family or indeed, anyone else to look after him. 

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Issue 204

10/01/2019 10:38

No more in and out of hospital. How Frailty's delivering better care for elderly patients.

The work of our Frailty Team starts a new series for 2019 called Patient Stories at CHFT.  We want to showcase how our patients are really benefitting from how we are changing and evolving how we deliver  our care to make their experience a better one. 

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Issue 203

03/01/2019 11:10

Tributes and memorial service for "Gentle Giant" Mo Amin

Over the Xmas/NY break there was some very sad news at HRI with the sudden death of security guard Mo Amin.  Mo, was today described as a "gentle giant" and a friend to all. Transport's Richard Hinchliffe, his close colleague of around 15 years, said Mo was "such a friendly guy and was someone you could lean on. 

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Issue 202

20/12/2018 11:13

Don's the Star on top of CHFT tree this week.

Our Waste and Sustainability Manager Don Mackenzie could barely  "container-ed" his excitement when up popped Helen Barker with the latest Star Award. 

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Issue 201

18/12/2018 09:21

Party time as the Acute Floor at CRH hits its first birthday.

There was plenty of schloer-ping as Ward 2ABCD at Calderdale Royal Hospital have celebrated their one year anniversary of becoming an acute floor.  The merging of the former Acute Medical Unit and Short Stay ward has proven to be a huge success in terms of patient experience, patient flow and staff relations. 

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Going the extra marathon... and the scrambled eggs are on me! Celebrating Success 2018.

Around 200 colleagues attended our awards night at Huddersfield Town Hall where everyone was declared a winner.  CEO Owen Williams said it wasn't a case of Going the Extra Mile but going the extra marathon.  It was Owen's 7th event which he said, gave him a great feeling of pride. 

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Issue 200

29/11/2018 11:22

"You're Septic and I Know It" - ED's fun approach to learning

Our Emergency Department team may soon need a music agent. They've come up with a fun way of sharing awareness around the very important topic of Sepsis, giving the CHFT treatment to LMFAO's song You're Sexy and I Know It. 

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