Issue 244

17/10/2019 11:36

"Listener" Karen Roberts scoops special Star Award - at patient's request!

Neurophysiology's Karen Roberts has won a special Star Award after her patients wrote to our CEO Owen Williams saying "The Trust should be proud of her."  They were so gushing about the care from Karen a one-off certificate was created to reflect their (and our) appreciation for everything Karen has done for them. 

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Issue 243

10/10/2019 11:47

EU Exit preparations at CHFT

Our preparations for potential EU Exit on Oct 31 have been well underway at CHFT for many weeks now – as they have across the NHS nationally. 

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Issue 242

03/10/2019 11:33

Yay to our HCAs. CHFT's special celebration is launched by 6B's Christine Healey.

They've been hailed the "shop window" to the organisation and in recognition of everything they do for us, CHFT is celebrating our HCAs.  Our Trust has 750 HCAs in our teams and departments -  that's around 12% of our total workforce -  so they're a huge part of how we care for our patients. 

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Issue 241

26/09/2019 11:35

Back to the Floor...why we did it and why Bouckley's Board-bound..

This week, colleagues across the Trust were showing  some of CHFT's senior management team the ropes so they could find out more about their roles in all departments and areas.  Called "Back to the Floor" it was the idea of Louise Riby, a Sister on children's outpatients. 

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issue 240

19/09/2019 11:18

A record-breaking five nominations for caring for his patients AND his colleagues!

Our Respiratory Ward Charge Nurse Leslie Dalley is our latest Star Award winner for way he cares  for his patients AND his colleagues.  He's such a good team member he was nominated a record-breaking five times  - by five different colleagues - in a single month! Usually, to get one is a cracking achievement so five is simply spectacular. 

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Issue 239

12/09/2019 11:37

They met so long ago they were in black and white! Nurses' amazing reunion 45 years on.

Eight nurses who started their careers together on the very same day in 1974 have reunited - 45 years to the exact day they started training.  And to celebrate they recreated their very first day together in exactly the same line-up as the days of black and white. (top photo). Comms just love it. 

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Issue 238

05/09/2019 11:18

In memory of Dad. A&E's Laura's very poignant story in Organ Donation Week 2019.

Staff nurse Laura Wyles never forgets the moment when she was working on cardiology at CRH and got a call from her mum saying her father had had a heart attack and was in hospital.  Tom Wyles, then 63, had been volunteering at a centre for lonely, elderly people moving furniture around when he collapsed in February 2016. 

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Issue 237

29/08/2019 11:39

We heart Ed the new HRI gardener!

Edward Clarke has joined the gardening team at HRI. Together with David Knapton he has created the new heart-shaped Organ Donation memorial garden on North Drive and brightened up other sites around HRI. Jammal Mohammed, says:  "Ed is very motivated along with David Knapton and, in my view, they have made our site brighter and more welcoming. 

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Issue 236

22/08/2019 09:49

From HRI to Scotland. Gilly's a Star for going the extra mile(s) for her patient.

Here's occupational therapist Gilly King receiving her Star Award - and inset is the moment our CEO sprung the surprise on her.  Gilly was so overwhelmed surrounded by 50 physio mates in their office at HRI she buried her head in her hands in shock and said: "I don't need a well done. 

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Issue 235

15/08/2019 11:33

First in the country. Paramedics Pete and Steve are trailblazers.

Two CHFT ED colleagues are amongst the very first paramedics in the country to achieve Independent Prescribers status. Only 50 have achieved the qualification so far. 

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