Issue 5

12/03/2015 14:55

Appraisals and training news from our Director of Nursing Julie Dawes

   Through our four pillars one of the behaviours that we expect to see across the organisation is that ‘we do the must do’s’.   This includes being appraised and being compliant with mandatory training every year.  Having an appraisal discussion is really important. 

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Issue 4

05/03/2015 14:46

News from our Medical Director Dr David Birkenhead

I appreciate this is a time of huge change and speed of change and I wanted to open this update by thanking  you all for your continued support, teamwork  and dedication to delivering compassionate care for our patients.  I wish to use this opportunity in CHFT Weekly to remind colleagues of one of the cornerstones of that care, a very important “must do”. 

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Issue 3

26/02/2015 11:21

News from our deputy CEO and Director of Nursing Julie Dawes

Dear Colleagues,  As you may be aware there have been a number of discussions taking place to consider whether our current management and divisional organisation of care is fit for purpose and aligned to the Trust’s strategic vision.  As part of our aspirations to bring about this alignment we are intending to restructure some of the clinical divisions. 

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Issue 2

19/02/2015 15:46

Perfect Week - Next Steps

Thanks to all colleagues who embraced our two Perfect Weeks in December and January.  You really made it a success in terms of us finding out where the Trust can improve to ensure patients get the very best compassionate care and services we can offer. This means a smoother CHFT service from admittance to discharge by changing the way we operate. 

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issue 1

13/02/2015 11:02


Welcome to our first CHFT Weekly bulletin. This is a new e-newsletter to bring you updates of important developments at the Trust. After today, we plan to issue it every Thursday covering the news of the week and looking ahead to upcoming events. 

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