Issue 22

09/07/2015 13:55

Care Closer to Home Contract

As you will have read in Owen’s Trust-wide email yesterday, the two CCGs in Kirklees have formally announced the award of the Care Closer to Home (CC2H) contract to Locala, in partnership with South West Yorkshire Partnership Foundation Trust. 

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Issue 21

02/07/2015 14:23

Getting you ready for the CQC

Director of Nursing and Operations Julie Dawes has been leading  preparation sessions for all staff, to support them in getting ready for our expected CQC inspection, and CHFT Weekly has recorded one of the presentations for colleagues. 

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Issue 20

25/06/2015 13:18

#SignuptoSafety - Our Deputy CEO and Director of Nursing Julie Dawes and her pledge

Julie Dawes

The Sign Up To Safety campaign celebrated its first birthday this week (24rd June) and kicking it off for CHFT our Deputy CEO and Director of Nursing and Operations, Julie Dawes pledges to the campaign: “My pledge to #SignuptoSafety is to make sure, the decisions l make are to improve patient safety". 

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Issue 19

18/06/2015 14:24

Mandatory training - from the Deputy CEO and Executive Director of Nursing Julie Dawes

Julie Dawes on the importance of mandatory training

Would you know what to do if there was a fire in your area to keep yourself, your team and our patients safe. Do you know exactly what to do to ensure you meet our infection control requirements?  These areas are essential to support our delivery of compassionate care and we must all keep up to date with them. 

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Issue 18

11/06/2015 12:52

Our Chief Executive Owen Williams on EPR

To continue on with our series of shorts films, our Chief Executive Owen Williams will talk about the launch of the Electronic Patients Record and what it will mean to providing compassionate patient care across the Trust.  Click here to watch

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Issue 17

04/06/2015 12:22

A video series from Owen Williams

Our chief executive Owen Williams has entered his fourth year at CHFT. To mark it we are presenting a series of short films where he gives us his personal and frank views on all the major challenges facing the Trust. Here's the first and here he talks about compassionate care - what it means to him and all of us. Click here. 

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Issue 16

28/05/2015 11:11

Brilliant bed teams hit 1,500 in a month

Our teams: CRH top and HRI below.

   Undoubtedly, one of the most successful outcomes from our two Perfect Weeks was the introduction of the new Bed Teams. The weeks in December and January were aimed at finding out how we can improve our care pathways to make them smoother, quicker and eliminate delays for patients. 

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Issue 15

21/05/2015 12:18

Our new Trust logo - Compassionate Care

Our vision for the Trust is Together we will deliver outstanding compassionate care to the communities we serve  Last year we carried out work with patients, visitors and staff and asked them what words they associated with the Trust. And I am pleased to say that ‘compassion’ and ‘care’ came out top. 

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Issue 14

14/05/2015 15:20

Countdown to Care Contact Time - Nursing update from Deputy Director of Nursing Jackie Murphy

Countdown to “Care Contact Time”.  On the 4th of June each ward area will be required to undertake a contact time study for 12 hours which will include each member of the ward team. The Care Contact Time study is intended to identify the percentage of time that is spent by nurses on delivering direct and indirect patient care. 

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Issue 13

07/05/2015 11:54

News about our Early Discharge team - from our Director of Nursing and deputy CEO Julie Dawes and our Medical Director David Birkenhead

Setting up a new, effective patient-led early discharge process is crucial for safe, quality, compassionate, care at CHFT.  Put simply it is a must, we need to have it in place as soon as possible and to achieve this we have a new team meeting weekly to drive our plans forward. 

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