Issue 89

20/10/2016 10:44

Ward 8c among our staff stars at the first Jobs Fair. Full picture roundup

Tanya Wilkinson and Sarah Bray

Ward 8c at CRH, which has recorded an amazing Friends and Family  (F&F) upturn, was among our teams who all put on a fab show at Saturday's Jobs Fair  at HRI (see more pics attached). 

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Issue 88

13/10/2016 10:54

"JenBren" - the star double act of our new nursing recruitment video

JenBren light up the cameras

Sister Jenna McLoughland and our Director of Nursing Brendan Brown are the "double act" fronting  our new CHFT nursing recruitment  video.        The idea is show how our teams work closely together on our wards and departments to provide the best compassionate care for our patients and their families. 

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Issue 87

06/10/2016 10:35

Our Mortuary Modernisers are the latest Star Award winners

Danielle, Owen and Fran

   Wednesday morning. 9 am. Knock on the door and in walks the CEO. Not a typical day but that's what happened yesterday when our latest Star Awards were presented. 

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Issue 86

29/09/2016 10:35

Staff Survey: First time for everyone. Owen too.


   It's that time of the year again and the quick-click nationwide NHS staff survey will have been dropping into email inboxes and departments (via the post room).     It's a random selection every year so you may never have taken part before. 

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Issue 85

22/09/2016 10:44

Calendar Girl Karen Marsden is back after cancer and wants your support

Karen, right, and her sister with last year\

Karen Marsden - our safe-guarding administrator - is back at work after cancer and heading to be a Calendar Girl.     Karen, 48, was diagnosed after she went for a routine check fearing it could be in her genes. Her mum sadly died from stomach cancer in her 30s so when her sister was diagnosed with the condition in May last year she went for her own tests. 

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Issue 84

15/09/2016 10:19

Thanks for saving my life! Former Town goalie survived after our AAA scans reveal THREE aneurysms

 Alan Starling with Samantha Bryant, right, and Lucy Torczynowycz

      Former Huddersfield Town goalkeeper Alan Starling has been back to the Trust to thank our teams after a routine AAA (abdominal aortic aneurysm) scan saved his life. 

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Issue 83

08/09/2016 11:23

Pathology proud to offer a super quick service for breast cancer patients - helping many avoid unecessary treatment

Left to right: Dr Vidya Kumaraswamy consultant histopathologist with medical secretaries Mel Hibbin and Katherine Tighe

CHFT has one of the fastest turnaround times in the country for a test which indicates the response to chemotherapy for breast cancer patients.     Oncotype DX is a clinically indicative test, approved by NICE, funded by NHS England, which allows the team to test patients to see if chemotherapy is the right option for them. 

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Issue 82

01/09/2016 11:14

New recruits with the X-factor!. Big welcome to our radiology recruits and a comedy pic of how it used to be!

With our X-ray departments growing ever busier, and with some staff moving on to other specialities, we're happy to say that 15 new recruits have joined the CRH and HRI radiology teams in recent weeks. 

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Issue 81

25/08/2016 13:02

Tears flowed today when EPR midwife Carol was announced as latest Star Award winner

Carol with Owen and some of the maternity division team

Carol Gregson is “an all-round fantastic person” - and our latest Star Award winner. And many of her colleagues were in tears today (Thursday) as she was given her certificate by Owen at a surprise presentation.     She has been the vital link between EPR, our midwives and our mums this past year as electronic patient records are rolled out. 

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Issue 80

18/08/2016 11:05

Beating bruises and barbed wire. Paediatrics' gruesome charity challenge!.

All clean and shiny...

They might look all shiny and clean but four hours later this lot were caked in mud, survived icy water and electric shocks. 

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