Issue 84

15/09/2016 10:19

Thanks for saving my life! Former Town goalie survived after our AAA scans reveal THREE aneurysms

 Alan Starling with Samantha Bryant, right, and Lucy Torczynowycz

      Former Huddersfield Town goalkeeper Alan Starling has been back to the Trust to thank our teams after a routine AAA (abdominal aortic aneurysm) scan saved his life. 

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Issue 83

08/09/2016 11:23

Pathology proud to offer a super quick service for breast cancer patients - helping many avoid unecessary treatment

Left to right: Dr Vidya Kumaraswamy consultant histopathologist with medical secretaries Mel Hibbin and Katherine Tighe

CHFT has one of the fastest turnaround times in the country for a test which indicates the response to chemotherapy for breast cancer patients.     Oncotype DX is a clinically indicative test, approved by NICE, funded by NHS England, which allows the team to test patients to see if chemotherapy is the right option for them. 

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Issue 82

01/09/2016 11:14

New recruits with the X-factor!. Big welcome to our radiology recruits and a comedy pic of how it used to be!

With our X-ray departments growing ever busier, and with some staff moving on to other specialities, we're happy to say that 15 new recruits have joined the CRH and HRI radiology teams in recent weeks. 

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Issue 81

25/08/2016 13:02

Tears flowed today when EPR midwife Carol was announced as latest Star Award winner

Carol with Owen and some of the maternity division team

Carol Gregson is “an all-round fantastic person” - and our latest Star Award winner. And many of her colleagues were in tears today (Thursday) as she was given her certificate by Owen at a surprise presentation.     She has been the vital link between EPR, our midwives and our mums this past year as electronic patient records are rolled out. 

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Issue 80

18/08/2016 11:05

Beating bruises and barbed wire. Paediatrics' gruesome charity challenge!.

All clean and shiny...

They might look all shiny and clean but four hours later this lot were caked in mud, survived icy water and electric shocks. 

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Issue 79

11/08/2016 10:44

Going through HOOPS - new tactics for care in our hospitals out of hours

Wonderwall aid to HOOP

Our HOOP (Hospital Out Of hours Programme) builds on the original plans for Hospital at Night. Phase 1 of HOOP starts later this year with the implementation of the task management system within Nervecentre. 

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Issue 78

04/08/2016 10:47

Rosie Brear's special delivery

Rosie, centre with Jo, left and new mum

Rotational midwife, Rosie Brear, has recently delivered her 100th baby which also happens to be her first experience of a homebirth out in the community.     Rosie trained as a midwife until September 2015 after graduating from the University of Huddersfield, and began her career at the Trust in that October on the labour ward. 

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Issue 77

28/07/2016 10:33

Star Award winner

Lynsey, pictured centre with Owen and her team

“She does things before I’ve even asked her to.”  That’s just how “ace” our apprentice admin assistant Lynsey McAuliffe is and she’s our latest Star award winner. 

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Issue 76

21/07/2016 10:25

Our docs give their CHFT training a massive thumbs up... again!

Class of 2015 - Farewell FY1s

Once again, we have done really well in the GMC survey of doctors-in-training. This is a national survey and allows us to benchmark ourselves against other organisations down to a specialty level.     100% of our trainees responded and overwhelmingly they found our Trust friendly and supportive for their FY1 career. 

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Issue 75

14/07/2016 10:49

Like it? - CHFT's new Facebook page is up and running.

New look Facebook page

   It's been a long time coming but this week, CHFT's facebook page is reborn - and it's better than ever.     And waiting for your likes!     It will be regularly updated with all the news you like to read about on a daily basis - and we want to see as many colleague photos on there as possible. 

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