Issue 112

23/03/2017 12:04

Philippines recruitment mission hires new nurses

Our nursing recruitment team in fresh back from a successful recruitment drive in the Philippines.     They hosted a mammoth interviewing session in Manila seeing 170 candidates over four days - and some of the successful candidates likely to join us as early as June. 

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Issue 111

17/03/2017 10:41

Porter Jamie is our Star

Jamie Green was our last porter at Princess Royal Community Hospital. (PRCH)  He went for a month and ended up there for six years  before finally closing the door for the last time on the building which has now been sold to Locala.  And his work in the runup to the handover led facilities manager Andrew Donegan to nominate him for a Star Award. 

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09/03/2017 10:52

We're celebrating Apprentice Week... here former beautician and mum Sarah Kenningley, 36, tells all about the role


It's National Apprentice Week and CHFT is joining the celebrations. Here we profile Sarah Kenningley in the latest of our Hello, My Name Is..... series            My Name is..... Sarah Kenningley.  I am 36, I live in Huddersfield and I am new to the NHS. 

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Issue 109

02/03/2017 10:40

F&SS top of our EPR-emier league and training manager hails CHFT the best ever!

We've an amazing 4,000 plus colleagues now signed-up to training (that's more than 70%) and our national EPR training expert reckons our "friendly competition" approach is doing the trick. 

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Issue 108

27/02/2017 12:42

"' 'Er from o'er t'hill" praises CHFT after eight years and hundreds of miles for her care

Karen, right, with Louise Edmondson and Stephanie Young, centre

She reckons she's driven hundreds of miles for healthcare at CHFT - and that's because we're the best!     Karen Dobney lives in Colne, Lancashire  (100 miles round trip  down the motorway or 60 miles over the tops via Keighley/ Denholme/Halifax) and has been coming to us since since 2009 for specialist breast care following  

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Issue 107

16/02/2017 11:24

I dreamed of it at five - and got there at 43. Retiring Christine Geller's lifelong love of nursing

Christine Geller always wanted to be a nurse from when she was a little girl.  Aged five, she was in hospital having her tonsils out and saw the nurses caring for people, making beds and going about their work on the ward  and decided that's the job for me. 

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Issue 106

09/02/2017 11:50

She's a rising star...... after 41 years in the NHS! Really??

(Pictures...Our Carole then and now and more about that hat below and how slippery paint kept boyfriends at bay!!)     She’s won some titles in her 41-year career of nursing so “Rising Star”, it’s fair to say, caught our Carole Hallam, by surprise. 

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Issue 105

02/02/2017 11:40

Shock and awwww! Stunned Valerie Bamforth collects latest Star Award

Val, centre, with Vicki and Owen

Tears flowed all round  when Ward 8's Valerie Bamforth received her surprise Star Award!     In the most emotional presentation so far, the much-treasured nutrition assistant first looked stunned then broke down on her nominator Vicki Bergin's shoulder. 

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Issue 104

26/01/2017 11:56

You were framed and fabulous..!!

Labour ward team

   Thanks to all colleagues who put up with us when Comms and a photographer turned up in your areas last week on Monday and Tuesday.     We set out on so-called "miserable Monday" (January's darkest day, apparently) yet you'd never know it. 

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Issue 103

19/01/2017 11:52

Jackie Swire's birthday meal resus drama and how HRI training turned her into a life saver

Jackie and son Sid are photobombed by a friendly pensioner!

   Our former chemo sister Jackie Swire is on a mission to save lives after she was involved in a dramatic resuscitation during her birthday celebration meal out. 

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