Issue 127

06/07/2017 11:47

Farewell Friday - Health Visitors: Thank you and sorry!

Commemorative, framed certificates were presented to everyone at a  special party for our Health Visitors.  They are transferring to Locala six years after joining CHFT from the then Calderdale Primary Care Trust when community care was reshaped. 

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Issue 126

29/06/2017 11:40

Peekaboo Bushers! Jason wasn't Celebrating Success when he picked up his holiday hire car.... but you could be in 2017!

Jason topless! Well his car is!

      This is your opportunity to get a-head of the game for this year's Celebrating Success.  (Comms had to laugh when this photo of a certain surgery general manager reached us... 

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Issue 125

22/06/2017 11:50

And the award for the best black, lacy dress goes to...Celebrating Success is back!

Celebrating Success 2017 is here! And there's no strict dress code although, as the photo shows,  our last year's winners did look absolutely fabulous!  To inspire you we've introduced a new category (Clinical Service Superstar) as well as an easy-to-complete online form. 

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Issue 124

15/06/2017 12:11

Star Award for HCA Viv Rowan - "truly amazing and doesn't know it."

Viv and the team on ward 21

Colleagues flocked to the kitchen on ward 21 at HRI to watch as ‘gob-smacked’ healthcare assistant Vivienne Rowan accepted her award from  our CEO Owen Williams on a surprise presentation.  Nurse Manager Amanda Waring nominated Viv for the Star Award. She said: " Viv goes above and beyond when delivering patient care. 

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Issue 123

08/06/2017 12:16

HRI Chapel setting for chairman's wedding - and Vroom! the bride came in to the Formula 1 theme.

Ali, Andrew, Heather Williams and Owen

Our Chairman Andrew Haigh and Alison Traher (pictured left) were married this week in the chapel at HRI ... 35 years after they first met!  The wedding needed a special licence from the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Registrar to go ahead but HRI is so special for them both it had to be there. They are pictured with our CEO Owen Williams and his wife Heather. 

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Issue 122

01/06/2017 11:34

Amazing Endoscopy! Fighting back after the fire

Sheer passion and dedication to caring for their patients has carried our endoscopy teams through after their darkest hour earlier this year.  A devastating fire at CRH caused by an electrical fault could have brought the  service to its knees and even closed it, such was the impact!  But when the going gets tough…. 

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Issue 121

25/05/2017 12:05

Maternity hard work halves still births

   Our numbers of still births has fallen by more than a half after a lot of hard work by our maternity teams.       In 2015, NHS England set up Saving Babies Lives pilot sites  and we were accepted on to it in recognition of our commitment to this area of care for mums and their families. 

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Issue 120

18/05/2017 12:08

Is it my P45? No, you're the Star Award winner Andrea Thornton

Stunned Andrea Thornton feared the worst when CEO Owen Williams turned up in the General Office.  She laughed “Is that my P45?” then was all-smiles and very relieved when she received her Star Award certificate and vouchers. 

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Issue 119

11/05/2017 11:29

Big welcome to Cornelle Parker - our new deputy medical director. She's named after a Lithuanian film star, you know

   Her appointment coincides with the appointment of two new associate medical directors, Paediatrician Sal Uka and Vascular Surgeon Neeraj Bhasin. 

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Issue 118

04/05/2017 11:30

EPR hard hats anyone? The challenges and smiles from Week 1.

Stacey Cartwright

There's only one way to start this story ... with a massive thank you to everyone for surviving  and smiling through EPR Week 1.  CHFT has already been hailed for our training, our sign-up, our enthusiasm and our huge Army of EPR Friends. 

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